About us

A leading company established in 2003, with an old experience in catering domain in parties and events. In addition, contracts ration in government and private sectors, in all cities in Eastern Province.  

Our mission

“We work to provide a variety of services that suit the need of consumers”

Al Bandar Services

The services that we are excited to provide it:

1. Open Buffets .

2. Event coverage for government and private sectors .

3. Packaged meal company .

4. Ration contracts "monthly-annual" .

5. Ration and catering Hajj campaigns .

Ration contracts

Al bandar provides ration contracts depending on their need annual or monthly, for all sectors and with many choices that suit everyone.

Packages types

Packages vary by the number of main dishes, appetizers, sweets and drinks. In Al bandar, has been prepared many different packages to satisfy the different tastes and to achieve aspirations of all segments of society.
The golden package
The silver package
Diamond package
Personal package
Al Bandar original
Chef Al Bandar
Al-Bandar breakfast
East Coast
coffee time
Pearl weddings
Emerald weddings
Sapphire weddings

Our clients

Most of our prominent clients in catering services and pledges, weekly, monthly, annual contracts for companies.

additional services

Selection of tables

Choice of fabric covering colors

Personal package

Determined according to the customer’s choice of items and the number of people

main dish




Our values

Our priority is client satisfaction.

Good quality in catering and preparing foods.

Management of products and services.

Professionalism and integration.

Content information:

The main branch :
Eighteenth Street, Zohour
Az Zuhur, Dammam 32423

Al Bandar provides its services  to all cities and villages
Eastern Province